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Welcome to arōbahn, a lifestyle brand for the modern man. More than an apparel brand, we’re building a community of people who are always up for a trip down the road less traveled. So pack your bags, grab your keys, jump in the car and lets have some fun!


Hello boys! I’m Aro Kagramanyan, founder and lead visionary of arōbahn. For the last decade I’ve been helping my wife and partner build the global cosmetic empire that is Dose of Colors, and more recently her apparel line, Unlabeled. Typically, I’m a behind the scenes kind of guy. If I’m not traveling the world, you’ll catch me modifying my exotic fleet and preparing for weekend rallies like ShiftSector and GoldRush. It’s a passion verging on obsession. The feeling of 1,000+hp begging to be unleashed fuels my soul.


As a modern executive and exotic car junkie, I tried several athleisure brands that promised to help me go from carbon seat comfort to board room meeting. What a joke! My key fob and cards would always slip out of my pockets and end up under my seat. The pants never had a comfy fit and the shirts would always snag on my alcantara interior. I was over it. Bored by it. Good just wasn’t enough. I needed something more. I needed something great.


Six years ago I went on a journey of self discovery. I asked myself a simple question, “What fuels my soul and satisfies my daily activity?” It was a question that led down the road less traveled. I traveled the world with my partner and friend, seeking out the best athleisure had to offer. All of them failed to satisfy my needs. I knew I wasn’t alone. That others in the car culture had similar frustrations. It was time I did something about it.

After concepting over 200 prototypes with my team, we landed on something that made me happy. Something that worked for my lifestyle, in and out of my exotic cars. In this new world, good is dead. We want great! Today our site offers our Beginner Series, a line that gets people familiar with our quality, our service, and our badass perspective. I personally invite you to try our Beginner Series and join our Driver’s Club. Join our gang of rebels, thrill seekers, and modern men who are challenging the status quo and carving a bold new path.

Cheers Boys!
Aro Kagramanyan


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